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37-01-01 Smelly's Bang-Up July Fourth Plans

  • Vic's reading the Kitchenware Dealers' Quarterly.  Sade reads the  Daily Little Love Story in the paper, which Vic also claims to have read.  Sade traps him in a fib by asking if he liked James or Grace better.  He says James.  Neither character was in the story.
  • Rush arrives home from downtown and reveals he's "experienced a shocking revelation!"  Sade lets him know she recognizes that expression from the picture show they saw the other evening.  Donald Donelle, the actor had said, "I just experienced a shocking revelation!"  Rush is indignant because he's discovered "the world can be pretty darn bitter."  Smelly Clark is in the hospital being prepped for removal of tonsils and adenoids.
  • Sade tells of Doc Stover in Dixon. "He took out his own tonsils and adenoids – stood in front of a looking-glass an' yanked ‘em out neat as a whistle."
  • Rush is distressed that Smelly's stay in the hospital coincides with the Fourth of July.  Smelly's been saving his salary to buy dynamite, nitro-glycerine, and gunpowder. Vic: "Come over that again, Lum."
  • Smelly intended to buy a quart of nitro-glycerin, a dozen sticks of dynamite, and a ten pound bag of gunpowder.  He planned on going out in the country to make all the noise [and do all of the damage.]  Around town he intended to use tiny chunks of dynamite (the size of your fist) to tease the girls.
  • Vic is shaken by the idea that all this might have actually taken place. Rush leaves for bed.  Vic: "His gettin' sick, Sade, an' the doctor sendin' him to the hospital was…" (pause)   Sade: "Was what?"   Vic: "An act of God." - compiled by Barbara Schwarz, edited by Jimbo Mason
a daily love story from '37
Sade shows her (devious) intuitiveness when she catches Vic in a fib; after all, why did she question him at all after he said he read the Daily Little Love Story to begin with, unless she just wanted to hear him lie?  To question him (and to name two characters that weren't in the story) means that she knew he would lie and gave him the rope to hang himself.

Vic knows better than to fall for Sade's tricks but... he does it anyway. Men everywhere shake their heads in dismay.

The story Sade tells about the doctor who yanked out his own tonsils seems to be yet another forerunner to being very much like the stories Uncle Fletcher would tell.

Of the 12 movie stars mentioned so far on the program, 11 of them have last names that share the same initials as their first name.  Donald Donelle is no different.

Don't you seriously wonder how there weren't thousands of boys killed by dynamite back in the day if there were (apparently) no/few rules forbidding children from obtaining explosives?

Vic refers to Rush as "Lum" - giving us another example of Lum and Abner showing up on the show.

I can see this as being one of the better episodes.  It's too bad we can't hear it.  Still, I am very thankful for the notes I have and the ability to share this and the other episodes with all of you.

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