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37-04-02 Ruthie Stembottom and the Dollar

Fred and Ruthie Stembottom are about to come over to the Gooks to play cards and Sade would like to slyly remind Ruthie that she is owed a dollar.  Vic and Rush give bad advice how to do this.

A movie star is mentioned: Four-Fisted Frank Farley.  Ah, those cagey fake movie stars of the late-1930's who like to steal nicknames from other fake movie stars!

I think writer Paul Rhymer may have just come to the conclusion one day shortly after this episode that 'Fuddleman' was far funnier than 'Farley.' Neither Fuddleman nor Farley had been mentioned in any notes prior to this episode.

This might be the first of many times that Rush will get yelled at for calling the Stembottoms by their first names.

In this episode, it's strongly insinuated that the Stembottoms always make the Gooks buy the ice cream. Can it be that this changed 180 degrees by the time we get to the audio episodes? I believe so.

Somewhere along the line, you can imagine a missing episode where Sade and Ruthie or Fred and Vic have an argument over buying the ice cream. Or perhaps Ruthie just one day woke up and decided it was unfair for the Gooks to almost always have to purchase the ice cream and decided they would buy it from then on; because in the audio episodes, it's always the Stembottoms who buy - although the Gooks usually concede (when asked) by choosing Fred's favorite flavors (chocolate and strawberry.)

Ruthie's father died in New York City, so every time she hears 'New York City', she cries.

Croucher's (grocery) is referred to in the script as Groucher's.  We'll just imagine it was a typo.

This episode, though it's really about Sade trying to collect a dollar that's owed to her by Ruthie, reads like it would be a tour de force for Billy Idelson. There were many lines for him in the script and a good chance for him to act a bit.
Their money is continually mingled and conjoined which is just like their sisterly love for each other.  One is Sadie du Wadie and the other is Lady du Wadie... 

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