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36-07-04 Fourth of July Picnic with Old Friends or Stylish Ones

Sade and Rush make plans to go on a casual picnic to the local Dillman Dells picnic grounds with Fred, Ruthie and Melvin Stembottom; but when Vic arrives, he tells of an invitation he's received from his boss, Mr. Ruebush, that will put them at a picnic with high society at White's Lake.

Sade would much rather go with the Stembottoms.  Rush, who wants to invite Rooster Davis, also seems to want to go with the Stembottoms.  Vic, on the other hand, wants to go with the high society folks.

Vic wants to make his way up the ladder at work/society; he sees this as an opportunity to do so since he's been invited by his boss to with him on a holiday.  It may do the Gooks good to rub elbows with the very rich.

But where would Sade be if she were to make all new friends and lose those who already have voted her as the head of the Thimble Club?  Vic, though not rich, already is the Exalted Big Dipper of his social club.  The two, whether they realize it or not, are already somewhat, "high society" - especially to their friends.

Almost all of their friends are blue collar types.  Sade goes on and on telling how proud her sister is of Vic and his position at Consolidated Kitchenware.  Another move up in society would likely lose many friends - is this what they really want?

Dillman Dells is mentioned in this script.  From everything I can gather, it's a picnic area, perhaps near Kickapoo Creek.

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