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36-xx-xx Vic Reviews a Vacation Week with Bess and Walter in Carberry

Vic has a two week vacation coming his way and wants to spend it with Bess, relaxing and enjoying himself.  Proving himself to be unselfish, he talks to Sade about the vacation and before she can even ask, has resigned himself to spending a week of his vacation in Carberry with her sister,

Vic is very honest and upfront with her and explains that - though he is resigned to go to Carberry - he knows exactly what will happen - he will go and be bored to death.  He explains to her what his days are like there.  The picture he paints is a sad one.

Sade finally understands what Vic goes through in Carberry and apologizes for wanting to drag him there.

This is quite an unusual Vic and Sade episode, I might go as far as to say, this is the most unusual episode of the whole lot that we are privy to see or hear.  This is kind of a sad episode where Vic talks about how hard he works all year and then the vacation comes and half of that vacation he sacrifices for Sade.  He is willing to do so and do it without complaint.  Still, when he tells truthfully what he does while he is in Carberry and how boring his days are, Sade can't help but realize just how miserable she makes it for him.

Jean Shepard, who wrote the forward to Vic and Sade: The Best Plays of Paul Rhymer,  wrote that this episode was the best "short story touching on smothering boredom, yet natural concern we feel in the presence of close relatives."

The really bad part of this episode is that Bess and Walter Helfer are somehow named "Hemstreet" in this episode, which may not bother anyone but me - but to me, it's an absolute travesty. Enough of a travesty that I will note it but will also ignore it.

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