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39-11-xx Easy Slipper and Storage Space Season

Dialogue only:
Sade: Had about fourteen conversations about Christmas an' the mail man brought three letters about Christmas.  Willie, will ya run out in the dining room an' bring what's on top of the buffet?

Rush: Sure.

Sade: (To Vic) Golly, how time flies.  Christmases pile up on top of each other like oysters.  (Giggles) Well, the easy slipper season's started.

Vic: Has it?

Sade: Bess asks what size easy slipper you take in her letter an' so does Dottie Brainfeeble.

Vic: Every year Bess asks what size easy slipper I take.  Why don't she make a note of it on her cuff?

Sade: (Lightly) Oh, well.

Rush: (Coming up) No mail today for me, huh, mom?

Sade: Guess not.  (To Vic) Say, an' the storage space season has started.

Vic: Storage space season?

Sade: People wantin' storage space for their Christmas presents.

Vic: Oh.  Um.
When Sade speaks of "storage space season" - one of the things she is probably talking about is Mr. Erickson's request to store stuff over at their house, which he did 

The date is guesstimated. The title is one I made up for identification purposes only.

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  1. I would think that Sade could also be referring to the practice of hiding Christmas presents at friend's houses as referenced in "39-12-15 Sade Needs A Gift – Quick!" We participated in that practice when our sons were young and their present was a bike. The sweet next door neighbor hid the bikes in her garage until Christmas morning! I'm glad she didn't have to borrow them to give Freda Chinbunny a quick present.