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41-01-16 Rush – Hot Soup Delivery Boy

  • Vic and Sade discuss Rush's need for new clothes.
  • Rush arrives and announces he has a problem – he's got a job: deliver a bowl of hot soup to a sick lady way out on Armstrong Avenue.  How does he get it there without spilling it?  Mis' Harris is paying him a dime to deliver the soup to Mis' Weekley at 1926 West Armstrong Avenue.
  • Rush ponders possible delivery methods, and Sade reminds him the soup's getting cold.  She suggests using the street car.  Rush says he'd still have to walk eleven blocks to get to and from the street-car.  Also, the street-car costs seven cents, which would cut his profit to three cents.
  • Vic suggests having Mis' Weekley meet him halfway – bring a napkin and spoon to the corner of Morris Avenue and Jefferson Street.  
  • Rush regrets having accepted the job.  Usually, Mis' Harris' roomers do the deliveries, but only Mr. Breep was home, and she doesn't trust him – thinks he'll just put the soup in his auto radiator.
  • Vic recalls a fella in Dixon that used to put hot soup on his mustache to make it look rich and glossy: "the girls admired his silky mustache to such an extent that several of ‘em committed suicide and…"
  • Vic suggests Rush pour the soup over his clothes, speed over on his bike, wring out his clothes in a bowl, and present the soup to Mis' Weekley with his "best compliments and the sincere hope that she enjoys a rapid recovery."
  • Sade suggests taking it to Mis' Childers in that neighborhood and have her re-heat the soup.  Rush says it'll still take too long – and all for a doggone dime.
  • Vic suggests dumping the soup. Wash the bowl, fasten it to the bike, ride out to the west side, buy a can of soup at the grocery, have Mis' Childers heat it, pour it in the bowl, and saunter around the corner to Mis' Weekley.  Rush focuses on the cut into his profits. Sade says: put the soup in her tin bucket with the tight-fitting lid, wash the bowl, ride to Mis' Childers', have it re-heated and deliver it.  Everyone agrees that's the best solution. - compiled by Barbara Schwarz, edited by Jimbo Mason
This seems like a job for the Thermos. The Thermos bottle was invented in 1892 but it appears that the Gooks either haven't heard of these or don't have one. Seems like it's the perfect solution.

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