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42-07-12 Uncle Fletcher Gives Up His Bed

  • Uncle Fletcher refers to Mis' Gilfop and her married daughter, Fern.  Her brother, Ying-Yang Britcher, fell off a 5-story building and still lived. Her other brother was named Edith!
  • Mis' Keller's visitors are taking up room at her house, so Fletcher intends to get a room at the Bright Kentucky, but Sade insists he stay with the Gooks.
  • Uncle Fletcher tells the story of Charlie Haverstraw from Belvidere who moved to Terre Haute, Ohio, married a  woman 26 years old, but she ran away.  So, he married a woman 36 years old and she ran away. then he married a woman 46 years old and she ran away, too. Finally, he married a woman 56 years old that lost her leg in a train wreck. She couldn't run away from him. - compiled by Barbara Schwarz, edited by Jimbo Mason
We know that Sade doesn't like Uncle Fletcher to go near the Bright Kentucky Hotel at night because she is afraid he'll trip over the tracks and be run over by a "creepin', monstrous locomotive."  Of course, after a while at staying at the Gooks, Sade will be ready to get rid of him, for he will drive them all crazy.

Despite there being little information available about this episode, it's fortunate that these two stories from Uncle Fletcher are preserved.  They fit perfectly into his lore.

Note: If you ever desire to read all of the Uncle Fletcher stories, it's pretty simple to do.  Just click this link (which is easily found on the left-hand side of Vic and Sade Characters) and read each of the entries.  There are dozens of them, many with the audio stories, where available.

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