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43-01-28 Sade's On the Phone

Sade is busy at the phone, window and back door as she dodges (or tries to) the newly-moved davenport, which she keeps bumping into.

SEE THE SCRIPT (part 1) (part 2)
Our favorite radio actress
    This episode is a total solo effort from Bernadine Flynn. In interviews from the 1970's, she spoke about this episode: (((HEAR))) and (((HEAR))).  Flynn mentions some facts not associated with this particular show, so a Sade-solo may have happened more than once.

    It's unfortunate that we are not able to listen to this episode, for I suspect we would come away more amazed at the talent of Flynn than we are now.


    + When Sade talks to Mis' Trogle on the phone, she briefly speaks about her daughter, Margaret.  Mis' Trogle also has the first name of Margaret!

    + Mr. Croucher has a son named 'Leland'.

    + Though Bill Idelson is in the Navy at this date, Rush raps at the window on two occasions.  That's mind boggling.  Yes, it's just a radio show.

    + Irving or Irvin?? The grocery delivery boy is referred to by different names (Irving or Irvin) by different family members in different episodes.  The script here says, ''Irving'', yet it's in the minority.  Just try and live with it.

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