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43-11-24 Vic Brings Home A High-Crown Cowboy Hat

Vic arrives home. Sade and Russell had both seen him approaching as they talked, but he enters without the parcel he had been carrying. Sade immediately inquires if he bought a hat. They discuss the fact that there have been no recent disputes about hats, and they're probably due for one.

Tom Mix - popular man
Vic tells Sade (and a nosy Russell) how the hats are popular in Dismal Seepage, Ohio... and Sade tells him (while walking out on him) to take the hat back to Kleeburgers. 

SEE THE SCRIPT (part 1) (part 2)
When you see 'hat' in the title, you know what's about to take place at the small house halfway up the next block.  Audiences in 1943 knew what was about to take place too, provided they'd been listening a while.

Why does Vic even bring the hats to the house?  Why not keep the hats at Ike's house?  Leave one at work and one at the lodge?  Why does he torment himself?  Perhaps he lacked the love of his mother as a child and yearns to be idled by Sade's nagging voice?

Have you noticed that as time goes by in the series, the wide-brimmed hats have suddenly become cowboy hats?  Vic can't resist buying hats with larger and larger brims.  Did we miss Vic purchasing a sombrero?  I wouldn't be surprised.

We see that Russell is stitching up an indoor baseball.  I've made note of it before but I have yet to figure out what an "indoor baseball" is.  Both Rush and Russell have stitching duties with theirs, in various episodes.  Vic and Sade expert Louie Johnson suggests a soft baseball of some sort.


  1. Part 2 of the script is the same as Part 1. Is the rest of it unavailable?

  2. Very sorry about that - try it now :) Thanks for letting me know.