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42-09-28 Princess Moon-on-the-River

Sade finds out from gossip that Lolita di Rienzi is actually an Indian princess known as "Moon-on-the-River"!  This news is startling to her and she can't wait to tell Vic.  But.  He.  Already.  Knows.  And Sade is furious because he's known "for years" and has never said a word about it!

Meanwhile, Rush has fascinating tale to tell about a fight between Mildred Tisdel and Leland Richards.

The transcription disc for this episode survived but was either sold to Radio Spirits in the 1970's or was donated to the Library of Congress. (That might mean that we may never hear this episode.)

[The gist of this episode is revealed in the book,Vic and Sade on the Radio: A Cultural History of Paul Rhymer's Daytime Series

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