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44-03-09 Uncle Fletcher Plans Entertainment For Roy Dejectedly's Visit

  • Fletcher still expects a visit from Roy Dejectedly.  He's riding down with Harry Giggletta, who's on his way to Springfield on business and will drop Roy off from 7 am to 7 pm.
  • Planned entertainment includes a ride on Mr. Gumpox' garbage wagon, an introduction to Ernie Fadler at the Interurban Station, a visit with Pelter Unbleet at the Bright Kentucky Hotel.
  • Roy and Pelter both spent the summer of nineteen-aught-nine in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, yet they've never met each other.  Also a visit to B. B. Baugh at the Butler House Hotel barber shop, because they're both inventors.
  • Fletcher clarifies: Roy didn't actually invent Hyena Grease, but he did discover the ingredients that make it suitable for smearing on shoes.  Uncle Fletcher wants to include a visit to Vic's office on the schedule.  Vic suggests a full inspection tour of the whole works, and Fletcher is thrilled.  "Roy Dejectedly'll scream like a half-wit panther!"
  • Vic reads news article aloud: "Windsor, Ontario man experiments with raw oysters."  Sade resents interruption of her own reading.
  • "Hartman L. Kacker, little-known merchant of Windsor, Ontario claims he expects to astound science in the near future with new and…"
  • Uncle Fletcher on the weather: "Might sneeze itself up a light snow before morning."  - compiled by Barbara Schwarz, edited by Jimbo Mason
If this episode is any indication, the visit by Roy Dejectedly was planned four months ahead (since December 21, 1944 - this would also mean that Paul Rhymer must have had this trip planned in his head/on paper for almost four months).

You wonder why there is a 12 hour window for Gigletta to drop off Roy?

Though the entertainment for Roy seems sparse, one would imagine any of Fletcher's friends in town would enjoy that kind of entertainment; Roy probably would also.

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