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44-03-27 Fletcher to Pedal Hyena Grease?

  • After a delicious supper, Fletcher approaches Vic about a letter he received from Roy Dejectedly.  Vic: "Well!  And how is old Roy?  Dancing the fox-trot, the cake-walk, and the Indiana hoe-down as usual, I suppose."
  • Roy proposes that Fletcher pedal Hyena Grease.  
  • Fletcher: Roy didn't invent Hyena Grease.  "Nobody could invent Hyena Grease.  For a fella to invent Hyena Grease, first he'd hafta invent the hyena."
  • Fletcher: "Roy is a foxy scalawag who could talk simpletons into giving him two nickels of change for a dime in half a dozen large cities.  I tell ya the man is foxy.  No, if anybody sharper than Roy Dejectedly comes along, you can just leave me sitting in the barber chair.  Roy owns no patent, copyright, license, or infringement on Hyena Grease.  The big scientific laboratories in Chicago, Milwaukee, Moline, Waukeshaw, or Dubuque would love to duplicate the product.  Roy will tell you it contains turpentine, creosote, lamp-black, and tractor oil, but refuses to divulge the quantities that make Hyena Grease the finest preparation for smearing on your shoes in the entire world.  He didn't invent it, but he doctored it up to a scientific point where it's suitable for smearing on your shoes."
  • Fletcher begins to read Roy's letter, but it's not Roy's letter.  It's addressed to "Dearest Ida."  The letter mentions George, Helen and Grace, Dr. Feendish and Nurse Montgomery, Vernon, and Dorothy.  Apparently in error he picked up a letter belonging to Mis' Keller, his landlady.  - compiled by Barbara Schwarz, edited by Jimbo Mason
Is Roy ever coming?  We've seen the evolution of the visit: it began when Uncle Fletcher told the family about it on December 21, 1943.  Fletcher talked about it again on March 9, 1944 and now it's almost three weeks later.

It seems that pedaling Hyena Grease would be a natural fit for Fletcher.  But the fact that he's conferring with Vic would lead us to believe there may be complications.

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