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44-04-04 Sade's Job List For Vic and Russell

Sade is busy and she's determined that the boys (Vic and Russell) must run some errands.  Though not against her, the men seem bewildered and are at a loss against Sade's no-nonsense approach to the chores.

SEE THE SCRIPT (part 1) (part 2)
Sade often forces the men to help with chores.  Despite what excuses they may have (remember: "Handmen play fatball"?) they always comply.  The men of the family fear Sade.  Well, everyone but Uncle Fletcher, but he's nowhere to be found in this episode.


* The oddest part of this episode seems to be the picnic at the foundry where Fred works.  When I try to come up with a reason why I deem it odd, I really can't.  So maybe it's not so weird.  :o

* Not that uncommon in 1944: Sade refers to Ted Stembottom as "Fred", (thanks to Uncle Fletcher just a day prior to this episode).  The entire family practically stops calling Fred by his real name as the days continue.

* I never kept track of how often Russell and Rush were excused from class because of "special teacher's meetings".  This happened quite a bit beginning in 1942 and much more frequently in 1944 - increasing as time went on.

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