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44-04-08 'Red' Stembottom

  • After supper Uncle Fletcher mentions he ran into "Red" Stembottom and Sade goes into a rage, forbidding him to change the man's name again.  
  • Uncle Fletcher tells the story about Walter M. Veefy.  The story is a familiar one:   Drowned in the Missouri River.  Had another brother that drowned in the Ohio River.  Had another brother drown in the Mississippi River and still another brother who didn't get drowned at all.  [The problem is, he's already told this story (different rivers) about the same man, in 1941.  There have been several times where he told the same story and had a different man committing the ridiculous act(s) but I believe this is the only known time where told the same story twice about the same man.  And three years apart, to boot. - J.M.]
  • Uncle Fletcher gives out the basic ingredients for Hyena Grease again in this episode.  This is at least the thrid time he's done so.
  • At the end of the episode - and in fear of his life - Fletcher relents and refers not to "Red" or "Ted" but to "Fred" Stembottom. - compiled by Barbara Schwarz, edited by Jimbo Mason
It's pretty safe to say that Fletcher is obsessed with Hyena Grease.  Either it works just as well as he says it does or he believes it will be a real moneymaker.

The fact that Fletcher knows Fred's real name and calls him by it at the end should clue us all in that he uses the senile and deaf act only to get/demand attention.

The episode where Fletcher told the Veefy story about the drownings was also the first episode we know about where he called Fred by the name "Ted."  My guess is this is a Rhymer homage to himself - or at the very least, he was looking at an old script to see why he ever decided to name Fred "Ted" - saw the Veefy story and had Fletcher tell it again. 

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