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44-04-12 Russell, the Reluctant Knight

Russell's been invited to a party at a friend of Anabel Hemstreet. He's agreed to escort Annabelle, but feels no need to be a gallant gentleman, since he feels like he is doing her a favor. When Blue Tooth invites him to the YMCA, he thinks he can get Heinie Call to do the escorting for him. Vic and Sade find him callous.

SCRIPT (part 1) (part 2)
This is a remake of a script very similar to this (date unknown) where Bill Idelson plays the part of Rush.  In this episode, Russell has plans to have Heinie escort Miss Hemstreet; we know very clearly that Heinie is Russell's sworn enemy.  One has to wonder if Bulldog Drummond or Nicer Scott might have been Rush's choice to replace him in the earlier production?

This play seems a wee bit out of character for Rush but certainly seems in line for Russell, who often seems to tiptoe the alley between respectability and anarchy.


+ The Hemstreets lives on Oakland Avenue between Mercer Avenue and Douglas Streets.  This is a high class area of the neighborhood and a dozen or so blocks from the Gook house.

+ Russell referred to Annabelle's friend (the one having the birthday) as "some baboon".

+ Champion bowlers who will appear at the YMCA: Red Donaldson and Curly McFormer.

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