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44-05-10 Sade and Mis' Harris Fight - Ladystuff

  • Mis' Harris wants Sade's Christmas card business and Sade doesn't want to commit.  Tension is brewing...
  • Mis' Harris is annoyed that her new roomer Pelter Unbleet was recommended by Uncle Fletcher. So far, Unbleet hasn't paid any rent, and Sade thinks this reflects on her.  More tension between the two...
  • Mis' Harris wants to plant pansies in a patch of the Gook's yard because her yard is taken up with cabbage (she then turns the cabbage into sauerkraut and sells it.) The pansies are for the Park End Church pulpit.  Sade refuses this request.  The tension is boiling!
  • Sade defines to the men what a lady fight is: "Where the madder a person gets the sweeter they smile and the more polite and lah-de-dah they act." - compiled by Barbara Schwarz, edited by Jimbo Mason
Despite the fact that in an earlier episode we were told Blue Tooth's name was "Edwin" - in this episode, Russell says his real name is "Albert."

It's hard to believe but this is actually an episode about Christmas cards again.

Reference is made in this episode about Pelter Unbleet not paying his rent.  Recall that Mis' Harris eventually takes him to court over this.  (Unbleet seems like a 'natural' to live at the Bright Kentucky Hotel, where he eventually moves.  Since he works there as a janitor, it seems living there would make his life easier.)

I had thought (via audio) that Park End Church was on 'Ellen' Street when it's actually on 'Allen' Street.

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