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37-xx-xx Euncie's Learning Piano

Agnes Peterson

A letter from Sade's sister Bess brings news that her daughter Euncie is learning the piano.

Euncie's deaf piano teacher, Agnes Peterson, who also only has one leg and must put a heavy weight on the loud pedal, must bite the leg of the piano to pick up the vibration, so she can tell if Euncie is playing her piano pieces the correct way!! - compiled by Barbara Schwarz, edited by Jimbo Mason
Euncie and her piano playing is bizarre. One day I promise to write a piece about this subject, since I am so fond of the piano myself.

This impossible premise is classic Paul Rhymer, and sits somewhere near the top of shows I'd most like to hear.

The date is not known exactly but Agnes Peterson was Euncie's teacher in 1937 according to the letter Vic had stored away from Bess in his jacket pocket.

The title is my own creation; it is used for identification purposes only.

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