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39-06-21 Vic Memorizes Lodge Ritual

Vic needs either Sade or Rush to listen to him recite his lodge ritual.  It's soon apparent that Sade won't be any help, so the job is foisted upon Rush.

While Vic recites, Rush annoys Vic by pointing out the many typographical errors.

Finally, Vic, upset that the can't even run through more than just a few lines, scurries off upstairs so he can be alone.

This is a funny script.  Sade halfway sabotages Vic while Rush does it without really meaning to.

The only parts of the ritual we learn from the script:
Hurry to the splashing fountain, maidens. Dabble your pale feet in the crystal water an' weave garlands of roses. The heroes have returned from the fray an' will shortly squat before the camp-fire to pow-wow an' parley."

Ah, here they are now! An' our Exalted Little Dipper leads them. Sky-brother Franklin Gutstop, take your station. Instruct your followers to throw their tired bodies on the grass an' rest. Sing a song of courage...
It was mentioned that Rush would be spending the next week in Carberry (June 25th - July 1st.)

Rush and Sade were playing Rummy; Sade is a terrible player and we have learned in other episodes that she dislikes the game.

Miss Gregg is a secretary (and a bad typist) of some sort for the lodge.

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