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xx-xx-xx The Marching Team Disintegrates

Somewhere between September 1942 and early 1944, the All-Star Marching Team totally disintegrated.

You can trace the roots back to when two members where kicked off the team.  Those two members were I. Edson Box and Harry Fie.  Their two replacements were Hermie Wermie (who was no trouble whatsoever, it appears) and E. Tyson Stoogie, who was big trouble. His arrival to the team brought things even further.

The team disintegrated more when Robert and Slobert Hink began undermining Vic and trying to cause trouble; first, they had a get-together in Hoopeston without Vic, then they tried to bribe Hunky J. Sponger to get rid of Vic.
The date above has to be accurate, although I realize there is more than a year between dates.

The title is unknown and was given by me purely for identification purposes.

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