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39-xx-xx The Illuminated Eyes of R.J. Konk Portrait

Vic purchases a portrait of Sacred Stars of the Milky Way-founder R.J. Konk.  However, this is no ordinary portrait; Konk's eyes light up.
Sade hates the lodge and everything associated with it (and you KNOW it's the truth; so when you boil that down, does she really care for Vic?)   He spends WAY too much money on the lodge and this painting...  Sade probably can't imagine what possible good something like this would have.

If you think deeply about this episode (and ones like this in the 1940's that deal with lodge frivolities) you will see that writer Paul Rhymer treated the lodge-happenings much like a cult.  Vic is so devoted to lodge-founder Konk that he is willing to spend his money on a portrait whose eyes light up!   Look at the picture below (of "the real thing") and you can see that two large light bulbs exist where the eyes would be.  Wouldn't one have to be crazy/DEVOTED to purchase such an item and put on the wall?

Was Vic stupid?  Not at all - as a matter of fact, easily the brightest person on the show.  Which proves even more what the power a cult or a cult-like figure can have even over the best of us.

This episode is a big part of Vic and Sade lore. It's very sad that we don't have the audio episode to enjoy.  This episode was big even back in the day, as the cast/crew went out and had a faux portrait of Konk made up for Rhymer.

This painting was mentioned in episode 39-09-xx Mr. Gumpox Offers Sade a Stall.

The date is approximate. The title is one I have given the episode purely for identification purposes.


  1. Well…it couldn't be any worse than a singing fish. Happily Vic did draw the line at the idea of a picture of R.J. Konk that smiled.

    1. Thanks oldzorah for your comment.

      I wonder how many other portraits we missed due to lost episodes? :(