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40-01-20 Rush's Good Looks - Anabel Hemstreet

Rush tells his parents and friends on the phone that Anabel Hemstreet says he's not such a bad-looking boy.
If this sounds familar to episode 40-02-20 Rush's Good Looks, that's because it's almost exactly the same, except, this episode came first and there's no talk of deja-vu.

And in the 40-02-20 episode, the Gooks talk hauntingly of this episode with the added twist that in the latter episode, they discuss deja-vu (without actually mentioning the term.)

The similarities between the two episodes are uncanny:
  • In both episodes, Rush chats up his "good looks" to anyone who will listen.
  • In both episodes, it's Anabel Hemstreet who instigates the Rush-is-good-looking talk.
  • In both episodes, the Gooks and the Stembottoms make plans to play "500."
  • In both episodes, Rush is sent to the store to purchase ice cream (which is a rarity, as Fred is usually the one to insist on purchasing the treat - as a matter of fact, I'm pretty sure these are the only three episodes in the existing data where the Gooks purchase the ice cream.)
  • In both episodes, Fred has to pump up tires before the Stembottoms can come over.
We know the date is correct because it is mentioned twice in 40-02-20 Rush's Good Looks that these events had taken place a month ago.

The title is one I have given for identification purposes only (however, if I had the power to change things, I would change the 40-02-20 episode to something like Rush's Good Looks - Deja-vu.)

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