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32-06-28 Audition #2


According to author John T. Hetherington's book (Vic and Sade on the Radio: A Cultural History of Paul Rhymer's Daytime Series), Vic and Sade had a second audition in late June, 1932 (32-06-26). [Note: No "audition" (other than the one from February of 1932) is ever mentioned in the notes from Barbara Schwarz.  The John Dunning book, On the Air, An Encyclopedia of Old-time Radio, lists the first show as June 29, 1932.  So who knows?]

The Hetherington book doesn't quite say, but the "2nd audition" could be a rehash of the first one.

Some details are given though, such as the fact that Sade doesn't seem to trust newspapers.  One story is revealed to Vic by Sade, about something she read: a man shot his lady friend with a glass eye and a slingshot.

Hetherington goes on to describe a sensationalized media in that era and gives another example of Sade not trusting the newspaper.


* Mr. Ruebush is impressed with Vic's hat, according to the chit chat between husband and wife.

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