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33-06-14 Rush Gets Kissed by Mis' Wilcox

[The following is quoted from John T. Hetherington in an interview with Jimbo, published May 27, 2014]

Vic has come home early and is hiding outside talking with Rush while Sade entertains the ladies inside. Rush has been avoiding Mis’ Wilcox for fear she would want to kiss him; however, his plan doesn’t work:
WILCOX: Your mother didn’t tell us you were out here. I came out in the kitchen to get a drink of water. Just happened to see you. My, what a big boy you’re getting to be. And cute, too. I just…
RUSH: My face is dirty, Mis’ Wilcox.
WILCOX: (LAUGHING) Oh, that’s all right. Here. (KISS) (LAUGHS).
RUSH: Thanks for the kiss, Mis’ Wilcox.
Interestingly, Mis’ Wilcox had several other lines in the script that had been crossed out.
Before my interview with Hetherington, it was written in a newspaper article that the first person (other than the Gooks) to speak in a Vic and Sade episode was Mr. Gumpox, in 1938.  We now know that to be wrong.

Though not stated by Hetherington, we can assume this was at a Thimble Club meeting, outside the Gook home.  We know that Mis' Wilcox was a Thimble Club member.

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