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33-06-14 Rush's Cool Shoes

According to author John T. Hetherington, "Rush came up with an idea about shoes that worked like an electric icebox."

[Stated by Hetherington in an interview with Jimbo, published May 27, 2014]

The title is one I have given the episode purely for identification purposes.

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  1. Re: the Russell character, it was an unfortunate choice as Mr. Whitehouse simply didn't have the natural way of making reading a script sound like conversation. The recycling of old Rush scripts only made the comparison to the gifted Bill Idelson shows all the more painful. Comparing the 4 young actors on the Ozzie and Harriet radio shows (David, Ricky, and the two who played them in earlier seasons)the Russell character is not up to what the show needed and deserved. In his favor, he did get better over time.