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39-01-23 Mis' Appelrot's Flower Scheme

Sade is in a huff when she finds out Mis' Applerot is twisting the arms of the Thimble Club gals in a devious plot to almost force them to purchase flowers from her nieces' husband, who just so happens to run a flower shop on Center Street.

Sade goes so far as calling Mis; Appelrot, "rotten and deceitful" - strong language indeed, even for Sade vs Appelrot.

Sade even has plans to go on a phone call crusade to let the other Thimble ladies know what is going on.

I can't be for certain, but 44-04-19 B.B. Baugh and the New Dentist looks to be re-worked from this episode.

The title is one I have given to the episode purely for identification purposes.

[The gist of this episode is revealed in the book,Vic and Sade on the Radio: A Cultural History of Paul Rhymer's Daytime Series]

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