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3x-xx-xx Mr. Buller Hates Black Socks

Sade gives Vic's big Chicago boss, Mr. Buller, a pair of black socks for a Christmas.  He promptly sends them back with a nasty note, stating how much he hates them, how he would never let black socks touch his feet, etc.

Sade is not amused and tells Vic just how angry she is and keeps referring to Mr. Buller as a ''great big, red-faced old fat man.''
I can't imagine Mr. Buller sending a Christmas gift back - especially with a note about the gift's deficiancies!

This episode was remembered by a Friends of Vic and Sade alumnus, and though he can't be for sure, believes the episode is 1934 or 1935.  The title was provided by me, purely for identification purposes.

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