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When you were young, and your mother called you, how could you tell when you were in trouble? If your mother was like mine, it was when she used your whole name (and prepare for storms when the middle one was included!) In spite of the oblique scoldings that the adult Gooks give their boy Rush, he generally remains on the best of terms with them. How can we tell? Because Rush is called everything but Rush. His monikers could range from the prosaic, such as "Sam," "Margaret," or "George," to the outlandish: "Tomato Can," "Inner Sole," or "Dr. Sleech," Victor Borge once joked about not being able to remember his children's names, though it didn't matter because they never came when they were called. Vic and Sade have no trouble remembering Rush's name, but they're fond enough of him that they don't need to use it. And Rush comes, no matter what he's called.

On a regular basis, Sade would address Rush as "Willie." It may have been one more nickname for him, but it was also a subtle acknowledgment of the talent of the young actor, William Idleson, who portrayed him.
- Sarah Cole

+ Rastus, Master Mind

+ Horse Thief, Rattlesnake

+ Bag of Uselessness

+ Colonel

+ Felix, Hopedale

+ Roosevelt

+ Ralph, Albert, Sam

+ Bag Of Uselessness

+ Colonel

+ Roosevelt

+ Rockefeller

+ Aleck, Oscar

+ Pete, Wilson, Rodney

+ Stevenson, Pete

+ Mr. Jackson, Ike, Oliver, Oscar, Pete, Charley

+ Ralph, Pete

+ Cyrus

+ Fido

+ Mr. Jackson, Albert, Oliver

+ Paper Weight

+ Pete

+ Curry Comb

+ Sanderson, Ralph, Andy, License Plate, Roscoe, Cigar-Lighter, Landslide, Jake

+ Pedro, Andrew, Mr. Clark, Hooligan, Old Chum

+ Man-Child, Quick-Lime, Ike, Arthur, Sport, Smarty

+ Walter, Pedro, Mr. Clark, Hooligan Old Chum

+ Hank, Sport

+ Scoundrel, George, Harry, Pete, Lester

+ Ike, George, Hank, Ralph

+ Sam, Raymond, Herman, Roscoe

+ George, Homer, Andy

+ Mr. Funny Face

+ Sam, Walker, Stomach Trouble, Harry, Tony, George, Caesar, Pete

+ Fish Hook

+ George

+ Wretch, Honey, Andy, George, Pete, Oscar

+ Sam, Dry Rot

+ Sweat Band, Tightrope

+ Axle Grease, Snake Bite, Sam, Pete, Walter

+ Roscoe, Sam, Axel Grease, Pete, Walter

+ Sam, George, Adolph, Pete

+ Dinner Bucket, Apple Core, Anderson, Puff Adder, Kiddie

+ Dry Rot, Mrs. Wainwright

+ Crab Meat, Melon Seed, Harriet, Little Flower, Feather Bed

+ Dry Rot, Pete, Adolph

+ George, Oscar, White-meat, Albert

+ Dry Rot, Sweat Band, Mouth Wash, Door Jamb

+ Buster, Smoke Screen

+ Card Sharpin' Scoundrel, Randolph, Old Peanut Roaster, Heine, George, Water Bucket, Sam, Bull Frog, Walter, Box Top

+ Ink Eraser, Pete, Egg White

+ Dry Rot, Ash Tray, Mrs. Wainwright

+ Buster, Smoke Screen

+ Ink-eraser

+ Goose Caller, Andy

+ Charlie, George, Smart Guy, Oil Cloth, Oyster Cracker, Arthur, Rat Trap

+ Straight Edge, Road Map, Smoke Screen, Harry

+ Foghorn, Old Wrist Band, Fleece Line, Flea Bite

+ Smoke Screen, Buggy Whip, Close Down

+ Stone Bruise, Inspector Glunk

+ Oscar, Coal Oil, Sleeve Holder, Stove Polish, George

+ George

+ Pocket Watch, Harry, Arthur

+ Arthur, Sam Sunburn, Tinkerbell

+ Turpentine, Charley, Pipe-Cleaner

+ Turpentine, Pipe-Cleaner, Charlie

+ Wastebasket

+ Cylnder-head, Court Jester

+ Cow Pasture, Ink Stain

+ Arthur

+ Cylinder Head

+ Pillow-case, Arthur, Thumb-tack, Soup-ladle 

+ Mary Sunshine, Tongue-Clamp - Old Mashie-Shot, Foot-Bath, Arthur, Soup-Plate, Moose-Jaw, Oyster-Cracker

+ Stone Bruise, Sawhorse, Tobacco Juice

+ Roscoe, Egg Yolk, Old Pep Hammer, Hat Pin, Old Piano Stool

+ Soup Spoon, Walter

+ Soda Fountain, Stove Poker, Pigeon Hole, Clothes Line, Broom Handle, Fly Paper, Torch Light

+ Barrel Stave, Hog Fence

+ Peanut Oil, Andy, Con Artist

+ Grape Arbor, River Bottom

+ Sealing Wax, Sheep Run

+ George, Andy

+ Hyena, Dish Water

+ Howard, William, Walnut Stain, Jackson, Ironing Board, Walter, Oat Bin

+ Howard, Walter, Merry Sunshine

+ George, Harry

+ Doctor Sleech, Peanut-brittle, old Inner-sole 

+ Andy, Stone Bruise

+ Sam, Stove Poker

+ Stove Poker, Ankle Bone

+ Walnut Stain, Matchbox, Ramrod, Chum, Little Angel, Peanut Brittle, Old Inner Sole, Mutton Head

+ Sam, George, Adolph, Ike, Bill

+ Esther, Uncle Pete, Romeo, Roscoe, Ashtray

+ George, Hogwash, Cow Pasture, Ashtray

+ Hogwash, Ashtray, Chicken Coop

+ Corn-crib, Pete, Egg Plant, Cow Pasture, Inner-sole 

+ Cow Pasture, Cigar Stub, Stove Poker, Hat Band, Nose Glasses, Old Sock

+ Old Curling-Iron, Stone-Bruise, Pillow-Case, Sam, George, Arthur, Thumb-Tack, Soup-Ladle

+ Side-Saddle, Paper-Weight - Old Stone-Bruise

+ Egg Yolk

+ George

+ Ink Stain, Thumb Tack, Peanut Brittle

+ Uncle Ned, Roscoe, Pipe Cleaner, Henderson

+ Horse-Shoe, Cow-Pasture, Ashtray

+ Ashtray

+ Garden Rake, Chum Coal Burner

+ Elbow Joint

+ Wall Paper

+ Harold, Margaret, Roasting Ear, Glow Worm, Waste Basket, Half-Wit Tramp, Coal-Scuttle

+ Mr. Funnyman

+ Harriet

+ Williamson

+ Dr. Sleech, Adam, Arthur, River Bottom

+ Cow Pasture, Roscoe, George

+ Balloon Ascension, Horse Blanket, Craig, Walter, Late Count, Cow Pasture

+ Adams, Dr. Sleech

+ Sam, Arthur, Harry, Arthur, William, Lawrence, Margaret, Ralph

+ Wild-Animal, George, Seed-Corn

+ Dr. Sleech, Sam, George

+ Horse Trough, Old Soup-Ladle, Harry

+ Milk Bottle, Old Egg Crate

+ Sonny

+ Pete, George, Tomato-Juice, Sonny

+ George, Walter

+ Flea Powder

+ Footbath, Elbow Joint, Sam, Pork Roast, Cow Pasture, Joyce

+ Pitchfork, Penicillin (?)

+ Popcorn Stain, Pitchfork, Garbage Bucket, Lucy

+ Ice Pick

+ Stove Poker, Ceiling Wax, Fly Swatter

+ George, Tomato-Juice, Sonny, Oyster-Cracker

+ Toadstool

+ Dr. Sleech, Market Basket, Foolish, Fly Swatter

+ Stone Bruise, Kettle Drum

+ Dove Hiney

+ Louise

+ Harriet, Meat Grinder, Spill Closet, Lum

+ William, Stone Bruise, Aunt Marie, Little Guv(?)

+ Frostbite, Lemon Rind, Stone Bruise, Blowtorch

+ George

+ Raymond Belcher Beirman

+ Side Saddle, Barn Loft, Whistle Stop, Hot Iron, Sam

+ Dr. Sleech

+ Lad, Union Suit, My Darling Little Son, Pete

+ Pete, Erkhardt

+ Little Dove, Cousin Will, Sam

+ George, Balloon Ascension, Scrub Bucket

+ Egg Yolk, Side Saddle, Chicken Liver

+ Roscoe

+ Flypaper, Shoe Horn, Cow Pasture, George, Coal Chute

+ Necktie Glasses

+ Joe, Marie, George

+ Bean Blossom, Bitter Cube, Pole Vault, Charlie, Inner Soul

+ Horse Blanket, Heat Plate, Stove Poker, Anabel, Egg Yolk, Curry Comb, George

+ Razor Strap

+ Button Hook, Stone Bruise, Vinegar Cruet, Salter Soap, Pete

+ Doorknob

+ Stove Poker, George, Pasture

+ Mister, Margaret, Pete, Harriet, Harry

+ George, Charlie

+ Margaret, Floor Lamp

+ Sunny Jim

+ Harry

+ Margaret

+ Sheet-Music, Old Floor Board, Toad-Stool

+ Peanut Brittle, Cupcake

+ George, Louise

+ Anabel

+ Wilhelmena, Margaret

+ Isabel

+ Adeline, Henry, Harry

+ Dr. Sleech

+ Brain Fog, Snake Oil, Margaret, Pete

+ George, Margaret

+ Harriet

+ Kathryn

+ Margaret, Dorothy

+ Margaret

+ Elizabeth, Harriett

+ Sam

+ Sam

+ Walter

+ Geraldine

+ Sam

+ Margaret, Pete

+ Sewer Gas

+ Scrub Bucket, Old Weenine Roast, Lamp Shade, Fly Paper

+ George, Walter

+ Toadstool, Sheet Music, Old Floorboard

+ Stone Bruise

+ Dorothy

+ Major

+ Sergeant

+ Eye Strain, Dry Rot

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