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Holiday Episodes


33-01-02 New Year's Day - What to Do

35-01-01 New Year's Day - Rush Has Three Jobs

DECORATION DAY (is now called "Memorial Day")

37-05-28 Decoration Day Parade

JULY 4th

34-07-04 But Mom, It's the 4th of July!

37-07-01 Smelly's Bang Up Fourth of July Plans

37-07-04 Fourth of July Picnic with Old Friends or Stylish Ones


34-09-01 Kickapoo Creek or American Legion Parade?


39-10-31 Blue-Tooth Under Gook Davenport


41-11-20 Rush Humiliated on Thanksgiving


33-12-26 Claysnorts Christmas Gifts

34-12-10 Lodge Brothers Go Christmas Caroling

34-12-20 Uncle Fletcher's Christmas Gifts

35-12-18 Christmas Cards for Plant #14

37-02-25 Do Not Open until December 25

37-11-12 Cigar Box Christmas Gift from Uncle Fletcher

37-12-03 Rush Needs Money For Christmas Shopping

38-11-25 Hank's Christmas Scheme

39-10-30 Five Christmas Card Salesman

39-11-21 Smelly Clark Solicits Gifts

39-11-xx Easy Slipper and Storgae Space Season

39-12-01 Vic's Christmas Card List

39-12-25 Sorting Christmas Cards

39-xx-xx A Vic and Sade Christmas Show

40-06-18 June Christmas Card Pressure

40-09-13 Christmas Card Salesmen - the Hinks

41-09-09 Vic Gets Gift "Rap" Again

40-12-XX High Pressure Christmas Card Seller - Mis' Harris

41-10-08 Sade's Suprise Christmas Gift

41-11-04 Send the Slippers Back

41-11-05 Vic's Christmas List too Long

41-11-xx Strictly Business Christmas Loan

41-12-12 Mr. Buller's Christmas Cards

41-xx-xx Howard's Red, Woolen Blanket

42-07-xx Ten Years of Christmas Card Poems

42-08-06 Christmas Cards C.O.D.

42-10-27 Christmas Suggestions for the Boss #1

42-12-17 High Pressure Christmas Card Seller

43-11-26 Christmas Suggestions for the Boss #2

43-12-08 Foot-stool For Mr. Ruebush for Christmas

44-06-22 Gaggle of June Christmas Card Sellers

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