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Inventors and Their Inventions

B.B. Baugh - invented Stingyberry Jam, and invented Hyena Grease (with credit also to Roy Dejectedly)

Mr. Claysnort - invented an ear tray, a combination back scratcher and buggy whip, and a combination fly swatter and button hook

Caldwell Cline - invented a washrag with pockets

Pete Dejectedly - invented a combination comb and buggy whip, and Hyena Grease (with credit to B. B. Baugh)

Godfrey Dimlock - invented a bicycle that could say "Mama" [no specific reference known, but it's been cited by enough people that it must have been said somewhere]

Henry Fedrock - invented a fingernail file that ran by electricity

George Gatsby - invented the reversible washrag

Art Gummer - invented the fish stretcher

Martin Jordle - tried to invent a violin that you played by mouth like a cornet

Bob Karl - invented a cross between a balloon and a plate of mashed potatoes

Clendennin N. McNeen - invented the circular orange

Ed McNilch - Also invented a bicycle that could say "Mama"

Virgil McRoppstich - invented the shirt with removable pinstripes and another with removable polka dots

Bobton L. McQuirk - invented a vinegar bottle that you can button with a button

Lathe Montgomery - was working on an invention to keep lawnmowers from clogging up with wet grass

Bob Murphy - invented the vest

Morgan Perrin - invented and developed the "Cincinnati Overhand Triple Lock" method of lacing shoes and attempted to invent another method of lacing the shoes known as the "Little Daisy Counter Clockwise Squeal"

Hobie Rankers - invented iron shoestrings that come with hammer and anvil and took one and a quarter hours to lace up

Ernie Sockers - invented a product to darken the hands and the feet

Ray Feltcher - invented the electric toothpick

Dwight Twentysixler - invented the combination necktie and table napkin [no reference given]

Pete Williamson - invented a contraption and died before he had the opportunity to tell the family what it was supposed to be; you can't do anything with it

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