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41-11-24 Mr. Gumpox Offers Sade A Stall

Mr. Gumpox, the garbage man, has offered Sade an area in his horse stall
for storage. She thinks this is a wonderful idea but the items she wants to store in there are mostly items from Vic's lodge.

She has Rush go and box up old lodge magazines, certificates, books, crowns, scepters, halos and other lodge "junk." When Vic find out he is immediately upset and will allow none of it.
Mr. Gumpox, the garbage man, generously offers one of his empty horse stalls to Sade to store some of her household clutter in. But one person’s clutter is another person’s treasure, and Vic has a few things to say about Sade’s plans.

We see shades of Rush in Sade here as she sneakily dodges Vic’s questions instead of approaching this contentious issue directly. She uses multiple strategies: putting Vic on the defensive by exaggerating his anger. Changing the subject. Extolling Mr. Gumpox’s kindness and generosity. Attempting to provide a good example by talking about all the possessions she is consigning to the storage stall. Unfortunately, all her wiles fail her, and Vic is left even more ruffled and hostile after this unsuccessful attempt to go under his radar.
We knew she was never going to get away with this, of course. She still seems not to understand that lodge memorabilia has a borderline religious significance to Vic. Placing it in the garbage man’s horse stall — as clean as that stall may be — would be a grievous insult. Really, compared to his past behavior in lodge-related matters, Vic is being awfully calm and reasonable in this episode.

This episode is the first surviving audio with one of Vic and Sade’s running gags: Fred offers to buy ice cream, Sade asks the boys what flavor they want, and then she refuses all of their suggestions because Fred does not like those flavors. (It seems that chocolate and strawberry are the only flavors he’ll touch…not a very adventurous eater.)

SEE THE SCRIPT (transcribed by Lydia Crowe)
Vic is very protective about anything that belongs to his lodge. Even though they are residing in storage in the Gook household, Vic doesn't want them to leave the house.

While the lodge "junk" seems silly to us, it is obviously not a silly thing to Vic and Sade shows what she truly thinks of the lodge in this episode.


+ Leland Richards is mentioned for the first time in surviving audio.

+ Uncle Fletcher is mentioned for the very first time in the audio. He has old paintings stored at the Gook house.

+ R.J. Konk is mentioned for the first time in the audio. We find out that Konk is the founder of the Sacred Stars of the Milky Way which is Vic's lodge. Vic has a painting of him. The painting is heavy has bulbs fixed to the back of it to make the eyes light up.  (((Photo)))

+ Wassy Feeler is mentioned. He was a man in Dixon whose mood would change from happiness to anger over a short course of time.

Vic and Rush are clamoring for chocolate ice cream: {{{HEAR}}}

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