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39-10-06 Double Feature in Hopewood

Without consulting Vic, Sade has accepted a car trip for them both to
Hopewood to see a double feature with Fred and Ruthie Stembottom.

Vic, who has already seen (and despised) both films showing at the theater, calculates (with the 'help' of Rush) that they may not get in bed until 4 A.M.!

Meanwhile, Sade tries to calm down Vic as much as possible so that he doesn't create a scene when the Stembottoms arrive (ahhhoooga!) to pick them up.
Fred and Ruth Stembottom offer to take Vic and Sade to the movies in Hopewood, and it wasn’t exactly how Vic planned to spend his evening.

Sometimes it’s the smallest parts with the fewest lines that are the most important, and that’s true of Rush in this episode. For me, he’s the highlight here. He is not involved in this situation, but instead of staying out of it, he sits back, enjoys the show, and seizes just the right opportunities to sow discord. He starts out with some subtle gloating, then starts going for the kill, only making things worse for poor Sade by slowly dropping details about the ordeal ahead of Vic. Such a scoundrel. I love it.

SEE THE SCRIPT (transcribed by Lydia Crowe) 
Vic had planned on going to bed early. When he finds out he has to go to Hopewood, he's upset.

It's just another case of Sade sticking her neck out without asking Vic - although to be fair, Vic does the same thing to Sade with his lodge activities.

This is a fun episode. Rush takes a backseat on this one; he doesn't say much at all. He's thankful (I suppose) that he doesn't have to go see the Gloria Golden films.


+ Vic was dragged away from playing indoor horseshoes at Ike Kneesuffer's place. He was ahead by 30 cents.

+ The Bijou is closed for repairs in this episode.

+ The towns of Chenoa and Hopewood are mentioned. Both cities have a motion picture theater.

+ The double-feature films they are going to see both star Gloria Golden. The first picture is You Are My Own Wonderful Husband, Subaltern Gleek and Yours Is A Magnificent Love, Petty-Officer Griswold. Vic and Sade have already seen both of them. Vic hates both films.

Vic and Rush protest at the same time: {{{HEAR}}}

Vic finds out the name of the second film: {{{HEAR}}}

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