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39-10-30 Five Christmas Card Salesmen

Sade is surprised to find five letters in the mail written to her. Upon
opening them she realizes they are all from that crazy Christmas card company in Toledo, Ohio.

The letters appear to be "softening her up" for the five Christmas card salesman in town; Grandpa Snyder, Mis' Harris, Mr. Erickson, Mis' Wheeler and Mis' Scott.
Sade receives five letters attempting to butter her up in preparation for Christmas card sales.

Not one of those rolling-on-the-floor episodes, but great nonetheless. The form letter Sade receives is full of Rhymerian humor. The overwrought language, the unctuousness, the fake poetry quotations. All funny. My favorite part is Sade trying to stumble through the fake Robert Burns poem in Scots.

This seems like a great deal of trouble to go to in order to sell Christmas cards — after all, it’s a seasonal product. You buy it once a year. Invest maybe a few dollars a year. How can this company afford such aggressive sales tactics? I greatly fear that their Christmas card salespeople are doing a lot of the labor for very little compensation. But they must get something out of it, if they continue to hound Sade year after year.

I have tagged this episode with the word “five.” My husband has a theory that five is the funniest number and that Paul Rhymer knew this. Five is a number that arises frequently in these shows, and I intend to make a closer study of it. So, here it is…the first recorded episode with the number five as the center of a joke.

SEE THE SCRIPT (transcription by Lydia Crowe)
Run-of-the-mill episode with no big laughs to speak of. Still, an enjoyable program just because it's Vic and Sade.


+ When Vic sees he has a bill from Kleeburger's Department Store, he has Rush throw it in the garbage.

+ Sade gets a coupon in the mail from the Lazy Hours Pool Hall for a free dish of cole slaw with every game of billiards on Thursday night.

+ The letters Sade receives from the Christmas card company in Toldeo, Ohio are all addressed to her differently:
to: Mrs. Victor Gook
to: Mrs. V. R. Gook
to: Mrs. Victor R. Gook
to: Mis' Victor Gook
to: Mrs. V. R. Cook

+ Mis' Harris and Grandpa Snyder both call hoping to meet with Sade about Christmas cards.

+ Mis' Wheeler is mentioned for the first time. She sell Christmas cards.

Sade tries to read one of the letters from the Christmas card company that has part of a Robert Burns poem in Gaelic: {{{HEAR}}}

Download the complete commercial-free, sound-improved episode!

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