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40-01-09 Sade Muses on Her Friendship with Mis' Scott

Fred and Ruthie Stembottom have invited the Gooks to "take a spin" to Chenoa, Illinois via automobile.

As the seconds tick down until the Stembottoms show up, Vic finds 4 mistakes he's made in his paperwork for work - and this work must be on a train this night.

So he's busy fixing his mistakes and copying it all over again. He enlists the help of Rush, who agrees to help.

Meanwhile, the Stembottoms call and say that 3 tires are flat and they will be a bit late.

All the time the boys are copying the figures, Sade sits and gossips about Mis' Scott and members of her Thimble Club.

While Vic and Rush finish some last-minute office work, Sade reflects on her relationship with her neighbor Mis’ Scott, and some of the other ladies around the community.

This episode is essentially a monologue for Sade, and it gives us an unusually deep look into her social life and her inner thoughts. It shows that she is a sensitive and introspective person, very insightful about human nature and the dynamics of interpersonal relationships. We also find out some ridiculous gossip, like the social value of petite feet among the ladies of the Thimble Club.
I like how Sade’s relationship with Mis’ Scott mirrors that of Rush’s with Nicer. Sade and Rush feel obligated to treat Mis’ Scott and Nicer civilly, and their relationships even show elements of warm friendship, once in a while. But the Gooks and the Scotts have elemental personality differences that ensure true friendship between them will never, ever happen. As neighbors, they must remain forever locked in an uneasy truce.
SEE THE SCRIPT (transcribed by Lydia Crowe)
There's not a whole lot going on in this episode. We get to hear the latest gossip (especially about Mis' Scott, whom Sade seems to both love and hate at the same time.)


+ In the introduction, the announcer says that Vic is in the "living reem" before correcting himself.

+ Lena Welcher is mentioned for the first time in the surviving audio. She lives in Dixon and Mis' Scott looks a lot like her, according to Sade.

+ Mis Wyatt is mentioned for the first time in the surviving audio. According to Sade, she and Mis' Wheeler don't like Ruthie because Ruthie has small feet.

+ According to Sade, Mis' Appelrot and Mis' Brighton think they can impose on her and are condescending.

+ Fred's car horn sounds different than the last time we heard it: {{{HEAR}}}

[This episode is also known as: "Boys Copy Numbers Sade Tells Gossip"]

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