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40-01-02 Painted Portrait of Big Dipper


Vic gets mail from the Sacred Stars of the Milky Way headquarters in Chicago, They are offering a hand-painted portrait from famous artist Albert N. Blush to any member for $50.00. Sade smells a lodge scam.

Meanwhile, Rush is busy trying to tell the story of Smelly Clark, Eunice Raypole and "The most dramatic moment of his entire career" (edited): {{{HEAR}}}
Vic tries to talk Sade into letting him spend $50 on a painted portrait and Rush tells a story.

Vic tries a new strategy with Sade here — pretending that he doesn’t really want what Lodge Headquarters is offering (although he obviously does) and seeing if Sade will be convinced of the offer’s merits through a casual discussion. It doesn’t work very well.

Although the matter of the painted portrait of the Exalted Big Dipper gives the title to this episode, it’s really about the most dramatic moment of Rush’s career. He has to tell the story in bits and pieces, but he gets the whole thing out, and it’s…well, it’s one of those moments in Vic and Sade that I can’t really do justice to with words. You’ll just have to listen/read.
SEE THE SCRIPT (transcribed by Lydia Crowe)

When Vic reads the letter from Chicago, Sade suspects a lodge money scheme, something that seems all too frequent to the avid Vic and Sade listener. Although in this particular case, it doesn't really seem harmful at all - perhaps even beneficial. But there will be no convincing Sade.

After hearing Rush's story, Sade seemed to show some sympathy for Smelly Clark.


+ Albert N. Blush is a portrait painter in Chicago.

+ H.X. Slime is mentioned. He is an Exalted Big Dipper of the Naughty Narcissist Chapter. He has had is portrait painted by Blush.

+ Kleeburgers sent another bill for $2.00.

+ Mason Street is mentioned for the first time. It connects to West Monroe Street.

+ Eunice Raypole is mentioned for the first time. Smelly likes her.

+ The hammer that hit Smelly probably weighed 6 pounds, by a Rush estimation.

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