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41-01-21 Death of Bernice

Rush is very sad because Bernice has died. Who is Bernice? Bernice is the sister of Howard, the horse Mr. Gumpox uses to pull his trash wagon.

Sade thinks it's silly to care so much for a horse. But Uncle Fletcher, who talks to Rush on the telephone, is also sad.
The death of a horse sends a shock wave through a little community. 
Sade starts out pretty insensitive toward Rush, who is an adolescent and hasn’t learned not to feel everything yet. But do you notice how she lets up on him after the telephone conversation with Uncle Fletcher? It’s apparent that Fletcher is just as sad about this situation as Rush is. Sade still feels the whole thing is ridiculous, but has more respect for Uncle Fletcher’s feelings than Rush’s and decides to clam up after she sees that he’s feeling the same way as Rush.

A classic script that shows Rush’s sensitivity (or, maybe, if you’re feeling more cynical like Sade, Rush’s craving for the dramatic). Bill Idelson is very funny with the lugubrious tone he maintains throughout the episode. Not much more I can say except it’s one of my favorites.
SEE THE SCRIPT (transcribed by Lydia Crowe)
Uncle Fletcher is especially fond of Howard - the brother of the deceased. Recall that it was probably Fletcher that bought Howard a brand new harness not too long ago.


+ The sad news about the demise of Bernice was distributed by Raymond Belcher Beirman, who was the milk wagon driver.

+ Bernice had been working for the Anderson-Carter Transit Company as a milk wagon horse.

+ Bernice died at 11:02 in the morning. According to Rush, Mr. Gumpox said that Howard stopped dead in his tracks at that moment, on the intersection of Evans Street (first time mentioned) and Kelsey Street.

+ Mr. Gumpox believes Howard will die soon.

+ Some interesting facts: Bernice was 16 years old. She was considered "good looking for a milk wagon horse" and had a "sunny disposition." She passed away quietly... Howard is currently 14 years old. Howard has a younger brother, Kenneth, who is grey like Howard. He is currently 9 years old and has a bad cough.

+ Uncle Fletcher's landlady is Mis' Keller. Her phone number is #5697-J.

+ At the Bijou, there's a Gloria Golden, Four-Fisted Frank Fuddleman feature: "I Am Distracted With Love For You, Assistant Umpire Williamson."

The sad phone call that Rush had with Uncle Fletcher: {{{HEAR}}}

Download the complete commercial-free, sound-improved episode!

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