41-02-25 No Marching for Me


H.K. Fleeber shares with Vic his intention of starting a Sacred Stars Honorary Ladies' Auxiliary Marching Team. This would include the female loved ones of the current Marching Team - and Sade.

Sade insists she has no plans for marching and doesn't want to be on the team but when she realizes that this upsets Vic and that she actually won't have to do any marching, she concedes.
It seems a difficult point to get through Sade's head but the lodge and the All-Star Marching Team is a big, touchy point for Vic. She continually pokes the sore spot and makes fun of it in her sly way.

To Sade, the Honorary Ladies' Auxiliary Marching Team really seems like a dumb idea, especially since there won't be any marching and the ladies are a hodgepodge of victims who probably detest the lodge as much as she but don't want to hurt their male counterparts.


+ Rush is not at home and not in this episode - he's at the Bijou.

+ Sade uses the word "trash" in her description of lodge activities, THREE TIMES.

Here's one occurrence where Sade refers to lodge activities as "trash:" {{{HEAR}}}

+ H.K. Fleeber seems to hold a special place in Vic's heart because he is the only known out-of-town member of the Sacred Stars of the Milky Way and employee of Consolidated Kitchenware.

+ Names that Sade gets wrong on the All-Star Marching Team:
+ Here's a list of the women (and their man) mentioned who will represent the Honorary Marching Team:
  • Vic and Sade
  • H.K. Fleeber and his wife
  • I. Edson Box and his grown daughter by a previous marriage
  • O.X. Bellyman and his sister
  • Homer U. McDancey and his grandmother
  • Harry Fie plans to be married in 1948 to Gillie McDermott (remember, this episode aired in 1941!) and she will become a member
  • Robert Hink and his landlady
  • Slobert Hink and his landlady's cousin who lives in China!
+ There were numerous pops and clicks in the sound of this episode but I got rid of most of them.

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