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41-03-04 Vic Wins Broad Brimmed Hat


Rush and Sade know Vic is up to something. Sade figures it out quickly, as she is prone to do... Vic has a new broad-brimmed hat.
Every fan of Vic and Sade knows there is a constant tug of war between the couple involving the broad-brimmed hat issue. Vic wants one, Sade denies him one. So, Vic sneaks around and does all sorts of things to acquire such a ha. But when Sade finds out about it, she makes him return it.

There must be some truth in the words of Sade who says a broad-brimmed hat doesn't look good on him, for others have said the same thing. Then again, what business is it of hers/theirs whether or not he wears a broad-brimmed hat?


+ Sade bought 36 washrags at Yamiltons.

+ Sade was expecting a call from Mis' Appelrot but we never know why.

+ By coincidence, Smelly Clark's Uncle Strap and Mr. Ruebush are taking the same train to Chicago

+ Charlie Husher was mentioned for the first time. He is 3 years old.

+ People that have told Vic that a broad-brimmed hat doesn't look good on him: Fred and Ruthie Stembottom, Ike Kneesuffer and the clerk at Kleeburger's. And of course Sade...

+ The bet that Vic said he won was that he was able to tie his shoe faster than Mr. Ruebush.

+ In an earlier episode, Sade mentions that he had won hats on bets before.

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