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41-03-14 Marching Team Pictures

Vic's latest lodge magazine has come in the mail and there are photos of all the All-Star Marching Team members in it.

Of course, in the world of  "Vic and Sade", all magazines that come from Consolidated Kitchenware or the lodge are prone to a few mistakes, which makes Vic refer to the editors of both as being, "Sloppy."

This issue is no different.  Vic's picture though might be the best ever published; the same cannot be said about many of the members of the Marching Team as one comes out blurry, one's a bicycle, one an old lady and another a small child.
The Marching Team pictures have arrived, and, well…let’s just say the Lodge magazine is meeting its usual standards.

One of the funniest things Paul Rhymer does, in my book, is to have the characters describe a series of arresting visual images from his imagination (see “Beautiful, Beautiful Wallpaper”). The slow formation of the image of this bizarre assortment of photographs in one’s mind as the characters discuss it is just wonderful. My favorite detail in this is Rush’s repeated and unacknowledged, “Number 7 is a bicycle.” I can’t imagine what would be a funnier thing to have a picture of in this context than a bicycle. It’s just enough of an everyday object, but it in no way resembles a person and has nothing to do with the Loge or marching. It’s the perfect absurd detail. 

SEE THE SCRIPT (transcription by Lydia Crowe)
Some of the All-Star Marching Team members, Vic's never seen, so he anticipated this issue to find out what those members look like.  And if you have been following the blog, you know a great deal of Vic's time is concentrated on discussing and thinking about this team.  It means a great deal to him.

When it's revealed that the 4 photos of the previously unseen members still leave a bit to be desired, Vic can only respond... {{{HEAR}}}


+ It was revealed in this episode that Ike Kneesuffer gets a lodge magazine, therefore we can assume he also belongs to the lodge.

+ Sade refers to O.X. Bellyman as "O.H. Jellyman."

+ According to his biographical sketch, Homer U. McDancey not only an author but is in the wholesale poultry business.

+ According to his biographical sketch, Harry Fie is famous for his knowledge of plain and fancy parading. He has taken hikes 40-50 miles long. He used to be a barber and is enthusiastic about ice skating and high diving.

+ According to his biographical sketch, J.J.J.J. Stunbolt hangs wallpaper.

+ According to his biographical sketch, O.X. Bellyman's hobby is marching. He also plays the flute, banjo, saw and kettle drum.

+ According to his biographical sketch, Y.Y. Flirch loves marching more than anything on earth. He is also fond of asparagus, gravy, walnuts and pie.

Download the complete commercial-free, sound-improved episode!

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