41-03-14 Marching Team Pictures


Vic's latest lodge magazine has come in the mail and there are photos of all the All-Star Marching Team members in it.

Of course, in the world of Vic and Sade, all magazines that come from Consolidated Kitchenware or the lodge are prone to a few mistakes, which makes Vic refer to the editors of both as being, "Sloppy."

This issue is no different.  Vic's picture though might be the best ever published; the same cannot be said about many of the members of the Marching Team as one comes out blurry, one's a bicycle, one an old lady and another a small child.
Some of the All-Star Marching Team members, Vic's never seen, so he anticipated this issue to find out what those members look like.  And if you have been following the blog, you know a great deal of Vic's time is concentrated on discussing and thinking about this team.  It means a great deal to him.

When it's revealed that the 4 photos of the previously unseen members still leave a bit to be desired, Vic can only respond... {{{HEAR}}}


+ It was revealed in this episode that Ike Kneesuffer gets a lodge magazine, therefore we can assume he also belongs to the lodge.

+ Sade refers to O.X. Bellyman as "O.H. Jellyman."

+ According to his biographical sketch, Homer U. McDancey not only an author but is in the wholesale poultry business.

+ According to his biographical sketch, Harry Fie is famous for his knowledge of plain and fancy parading. He has taken hikes 40-50 miles long. He used to be a barber and is enthusiastic about ice skating and high diving.

+ According to his biographical sketch, J.J.J.J. Stunbolt hangs wallpaper.

+ According to his biographical sketch, O.X. Bellyman's hobby is marching. He also plays the flute, banjo, saw and kettle drum.

+ According to his biographical sketch, Y.Y. Flirch loves marching more than anything on earth. He is also fond of asparagus, gravy, walnuts and pie.

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