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41-03-25 Muddled Shopping Money


Sade's been shopping with Ruthie Stembottom and she comes home wih a muddled money situation and missing a spool of thread. This is what happens when you owe someone twelve and a half cents.
Sade seems to have little if any math skills. The muddled shopping money experiences will continue to plague Sade for the rest of the series.


+ Rush was silently reading from 3rd Lieutenant Clinton Stanley Among the Counterfeiting Left-Handed Natives of the Orange Sea or How Luck and Honesty Won Fame and Fortune. In it, 3rd Lieutenant Stanley faced death by drowning but escaped through a secret tunnel. Later, he is bound and gagged and all he can do is flex his muscles. He gets Lady Margaret to put a bullet on his arm. He flexes his muscle and the bullet shoots across the river and kills a counterfeiting, left-handed native of the Orange Sea.

+ One of Vic's nicknames for Rush in this episode is most-improbable -- "dove hiney": {{HEAR}}

+ Things we know that Sade bought: shoelaces for a dime, hairpins, Spool of white thread #50 for 5 cents, 15 cents worth of candy (for Ruthie) and 12 and half cents for Mis' Cryder's church charity and $1 worth of washrags.

+ Mis' Wilton is mentioned for the first time. Sade saw her in the underwear department of Yamilton's and stopped to talk to her.

+ Rush asks Vic what the word, "grandiloquent" means: {{{HEAR}}}

Sade is upset over her muddle money matter (edited): {{{HEAR}}}

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