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41-03-27 Hank's Weather Service


Hank Gutstop has a new idea: he's going to start a weather service. Charging a dollar a month, he'll call a subscriber's house and tell them what kind of clothes they should wear for the day ahead.
The Weather Service idea is, of course, asinine, but it's not funny. At $1.00 a month, Sade can't get too worked up to cause a riot. Rush's "Good morning, it's ___ weather" jokes are not funny either. Add to that, there's little else going on in the episode, with no subplot. I hate to say it but this is a very weak episode.

The Weather Service idea is such a stupid one that when Rush actually points out what little is positive about it, Vic thinks he's making fun of it!


+ Hank's Weather Service is a reasonable $1.00 a month. His appointed time to call the Gook household is 7:30 AM.

+ It seems that main reason Sade is against the Weather Service is that she will be the ne that will have to answer the phone when Hank calls as the men will be upstairs at that time - and she dislikes Hank.

+ This episode marks the first mention of Y.I.I.Y. Skeeber and Alf Musherton. They are a part of a group of men who have subscribed to Hank's Weather Service. Other known subscribers are Steve Chestbutter, Charlie Razorscum and Ike Kneesuffer. The last 3 are confirmed Big Dippers in the Sacred Stars of the Milky Way. Hank is a Little Dipper in the lodge. One could make an assumption that the others are also lodge members but for the record, we won't mark them as such, yet.

+ The Weather Service does not run on Sundays; that makes the average cost of the Weather Service roughly 4 cents per day.

+ We never hear if the Weather Service actually works or fails. Hank doesn't "lose" his job in this episode but you have to think there is a monkey wrench in there somewhere that will cloud his sunny skies.

Vic describes Sade's usual mood (especially when discussing Hank Gutstop:) {{{HEAR}}}

Download the complete commercial-free, sound-improved episode!

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