41-04-xx Company Coming, 13 People


Sade: As Uncle Fletcher would say, "Fine!" 
Uncle Fletcher: Fine! 

At the last minute, Vic tells Sade he's got company coming. Steve Chestbutter and A. J. Spence are coming over for a lodge meeting.  Sade has company too, as she has invited over Mis' Brighton andher brother, Willard. Of course, things get more complicated from there as Mis' Donahue calls and says she has company and Mr. Donahue needs to sleep and asks if he can come over and catch some nap time at the Gooks. Immediately after the telephone call, Uncle Fletcher shows up and has news that he invited Mis' Keller's daughter and husband over to meet Sade.

But that's not all. Rush arrives and reminds Sade he had invited Blue Tooth Johnson, Leland Richards and Vernon Peggles to study algebra. Sade had completely forgotten about that. Not only does that make more guests at the house, it also creates a dilemna as to where Mr. Donahue is going to sleep (Sade had planned on him sleeping in Rush's bed.)

Sade then finds out that Fred and Ruthie Stembottom have decided to come over under the impression that they will be playing, "500" with the Gooks.

So how many is that? {{{HEAR}}}
This fun show ends in the best way possible!


+ We find out that "Mr. Spence" (of former episodes and a roomer of Mis' Harris) is actually named, A.J. Spence. We also find out also he is a lodge member in the Sacred Stars of the Milky Way. I have gone back to previous episodes he was in now and changed "Mr." to "A.J." to reflect our new-found knowledge.

+ Sade calls Willard an "old, comfortable, easy friend." Until this episode, Willard had only been mentioned once in the surviving episodes, as a guest at Ruthie Stembottom's party. Why Mis' Brighton's brother is a big deal to Sade, we may never know.

+ Mrs. Keller's daughter and her husband are Emmett and Florence Upskutch.

+ When Sade is contemplating where Mr. Donahue can sleep, she says, "He generally balks at sleeping in our (Sade and Vic's) bed." Since she used the word, "generally" doesn't that lead us to believe that Mr. Donahue has been over a number of times to sleep at the Gook house? While not completely absurd, it seems that the Donahues put quite an imposition on the Gooks at times.

+ Evan was mentioned for the first time. All we know about him is that Ruthie was over at his house.

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