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41-05-21 Uncle Fletcher's Keys


Vic: All your pals seem to wind up dying under most-unusual circumstances.

Fletcher: Fine!

Uncle Fletcher is visiting the Gooks and he has a few stories to tell - but these aren't the ones that will put everyone to sleep! The stories he tells in this episode are perhaps the all-time greats of the series!
The sound is really not great in this episode and that's a terrible shame because this may be the funniest of all of the episodes; certainly it's in the top 5. Uncle Fletcher's stories are outrageous. While far from perfect, the sound does improve after about the first minute and a half.  I fixed it the best I could but some episodes, it's almost useless.


+ Harry McPritchard once told Fletcher that throwing away a key is bad luck. Fletcher tells the story that McPritchard fell off a piano stool and got his knee caught in his necktie and choked to death: {{{HEAR}}}

+ Leland Richards always carries around a bunch of keys.

+ Charlie Hingles borrowed Fletcher's key-wound watch and broke it. He got mad at Ed Werfer and threw the watch at him, hitting him in the head and then it bounced off of a building, smashing it into "40 pieces": {{{HEAR}}}

+ Ollie Mudfiggle's keys made a big impression on the girl at the ticket window at the theater in Dixon. Ollie came up to buy his ticket and she saw his keys and let Uncle Fletcher inside, free of charge. But Ollie died a strange death. He was packing his suitcase for a trip ad his suitcase was full. He asked his wife to sit on the suitcase. What she didn't realize is that his head was in the suitcase when she sat down. Ollie died. {{{HEAR}}}

+ Fletcher explains how you become more important when you have a big ring of keys: (((HEAR)))

Download the complete commercial-free, sound-improved episode!

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