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41-11-xx Strictly Business Christmas Loan


Rush needs $25 to buy Christmas presents and visits Vic at his office, since he views this as strictly business. While in the office, Rush sees that Vic is a master at "conducting business."
This is a most unusual episode as we find ourselves in Vic's office at Consolidate Kitchenware, other than the Gook household.


+ Mr. Hudson calls Vic in his office. This is the first time he's been mentioned.  He works for Consolidated Kitchenware.

+ Mr. Willis (Consolidated Kitchenware in Chicago) called Vic in his office.

+ Vic talks to Sade on the phone and finds out the Gooks are playing "500" with Fred and Ruthie Stembottom that evening.

+ Rush has his Christmas list divided up this way: Sade - $8, Vic - $5, Uncle Fletcher - $3, Bess (Helfer) - $2, Walter (Helfer) - $2, Euncie (Helfer) - $1, Mis' Neagle - 50 cents. The remaining money ($3.50) will be split up among his friends: Blue Tooth Johnson, Smelly Clark, Leland Richards, Rooster Davis, LeRoy Snow, Vernon Peggles, Willis Rohrback, Milton Welch and Heinie Call.

+ This is the first time Mis' Neagle's name has been mentioned as his Sunday School teacher.

+ Hank Gutstop called from the Lazy Hours Pool Hall and asked Vic if he could borrow a couple of bucks.  Vic surmises he was playing bottle pool.

+ Mr. Burroughs (J.K., Plant #14's president) was kept waiting outside of Vic's office while Rush was talking to Vic!

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