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41-12-01 Vic's Trip to Plant Number 17


Vic is in a rush because his boss is sending he and Ike Kneesuffer on a trip to Dubuque, Iowa (Plant Number 17) at the last minute. However, the Gooks have visitors and Sade keeps inisisting Vic take the time to say hello to them. He hasn't the time! And Ike is outside wanting Vic to hurry up - the train leaves in 15 minutes!
Whenever Vic is in a hurry, it seems that it's because of his boss and Sade is always in the business of delaying him!


+ The Gook kitchen has a gas stove.

+ Plant Number 17 is in Dubuque, Iowa. In the past, we found out Gus Fuss and L. Wiley Phapp work there and each are mentioned in this episode also. We also learned, in an earlier episode, that there is the Soverign Saturn Chapter of the Sacred Stars of the Milky Way in Dubuque and 4 of it's members are Cully Gratch, E.M. Blurk, H.B. Slyze and Axel Fungal.

+ Visiting the Gooks are Bert Tyson, his wife Winnie Chugman-Tyson and Bert's cousin, Mis' Geck, who is asleep upstairs in Vic and Sade's bed. It's the first time these three have been mentioned.

+ The telephone number for the taxi service in town is #6759-J.

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  1. Vic shouting to Ike Kneesuffer and the shout's effects on Winnie and her man crack me up every time.