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41-12-08 The Bottom Buffet Drawer


Sade is appalled to find Vic and Rush have been using the bottom buffet bureau drawer to stash away all kinds of needless items.

It's her drawer for storing table items (napkins and doilies) for special occasions. 
A funny premise, made even funnier by Uncle Fletcher trying to figure out what's going on. The only hold up in this episode is the horrible sound.


+ This episode took place on Monday December 8, 1941 - the day after the attack on Pearl Harbor.

+ Items in the drawer: Vic's overshoes, his horseshoe (won 6 games and had 7 ringers in a row with it), a screwdriver, Rush's first baseman's mitt, Rush's easy slippers, an old ice skate Rush had found in the middle of summer on Center Street and old newspapers.

+ Uncle Fletcher is only there for a short visit because he promised Mrs. Keller he'd be home to eat her "special turnip greens."

+ Uncle Fletcher tells the story of Pete Wisher from Sterling, Illinois. All of his clothes from the socks to his tie were all made out of the same material. He later died.  His woman was vexed at him for 27 years...

+ Uncle Fletcher tells the story of Ted Keepers, who was 24 and married a woman of 26. He took violin lessons until he was 57 years old and wasn't able to play a single tune. He liked to play the scales, so he played only scales and he played the scales as good as anyone.

+ Uncle Fletcher tells the story of Rupert J. L. Dunsquat from Dixon; was right-handed up to age 29 then turned left-handed overnight.  He married a woman who was 53 years old; he was 37.

Download the complete commercial-free, sound-improved episode!

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