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41-05-13 Uncle Fletcher Wants Mementos Stored


Uncle Fletcher has brought over a box of mementos he'd like Sade to store for him. While waiting for Sade to come back from shopping, Rush and Fletcher go through the box.
It's amazing what fun can be had listening to Uncle Fletcher tell stories.


+ Sam Easure sent the box of mementos to Fletcher. He lives in Dixon.

+ The box of mementos was so large, Fletcher had to haul it over on a ride with Mr. Gumpox on the garbage wagon. Perhaps that was Paul Rhymer's way of slightly hinting to us before we hear what the objects are, that they are 'junk.'

+ Objects in the box include:

imagined momento
Brightly-colored hand painting of Buffalo Bill. For $2 an artist would paint your picture.  Fletcher somehow got one of Buffalo Bill.

A razor strap given to Fletcher by Fred E. Buckle that was used to flog "explorer" Orville J. McWilliams. Seems he used to leave his house every morning at 6 o'clock and discovered something everyday. He wore a derby hat. Fletcher thought perhaps he discovered the Mississippi River. His great grandson, Harry Speeks, worked with Fletcher on the Chicago-Alton railroad. Speeks would wear a long, heavy overcoat all winter and summer.

An object that looks like a can opener. However, what it actually does, nobody knows. Given to him by Archie Williamson's brother Pete after Archie had passed away. Archie, an inventor, died before he could tell anyone what to use the unusual object for.
Rock found here?

A small but heavy rock that Fletcher picked on the banks of the Fox River near St. Charles. The rock is dropped twice for effect.

A shoehorn.  Fletcher doesn't recall where he got it or why he's saving it.  The shoe horn has writing on it: "W.J. Morrison and Sons - Fine Footwear For the Whole Family - Boone, Iowa."  Of course, Boone, Iowa is a place Uncle Fletcher swears he hasn't been.

Two separate photos of people Uncle Fletcher doesn't recognize; they are probably relatives of his landlady.

Sleeve garters with no elastic.  Fletcher won these in a bet with Oscar Sweevers in Belvidere.  Oscar bet that he could crack open a walnut with is teeth but an hour and a half later, he gave up and Fletcher won the bet.

A bicycle patch clip.

A button off a policeman's uniform.

A watch fob.  Homer Anderson gave it to Fletcher for Christmas many years prior.

Rush really likes the rock: {{{HEAR}}}

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