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41-12-25 North Dakota River Bottom Revel


Y.I.I.Y Skeeber calls to inform Vic that they are in line to be a part of the North Dakota River Bottom revel, which consists of eight participants. A revel is like an old-fashioned shivaree/chivaree; that is - a time of loudness and partying, usually reserved for newlyweds of "unnatural" marriages (those with large age differences, for example.) At any rate, they are to be expected at 11:30 pm.

The situation soon changes and Y.I.I.Y Skeeber informs Vic that there's only five participants and it will be about midnight. Those details change again and it's only two participants and they will be there about 12:30 AM. And that too changes later and only Rishigan Fishigan will show up and it will at 1 AM.
Perhaps a reworking of the 41-09-25 Bright Kentucky Hotel Speaker script that has people backing out left and right on Vic. (It seems that it's just coincidence that mostly the same parties were involved in both scripts -- but who knows?)


+ The original eight man North Dakota River Bottom Revel party were: Y.I.I.Y Skeeber, Alf Musherton, Raymond Beirman, Stacey Yopp, Ben Webster, Cincinnati Dave Kepper, Q.H. Hodewalk and Rishigan Fishigan. All eight men live in the Bright Kentucky Hotel.

+ Yes, Raymond Beirman is mentioned again.

+ No one at Rush's school believes in such a man as Rishigan Fishigan of Sishigan, Michigan.

+ Ben Webster, Cinncinati Dave Kepper and Q.H Hodewalk were all mentioned for the first time.

+ Salted peanuts is all the food a revel party expects, according to Vic.

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