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42-02-01 Donahue's Doorbell


Mis' Donahue calls Sade to ask for help: her doorbell is stuck and is constantly ringing. Sade suggests clogging the bell with cotton.

When Vic gets involved, he tells Mis' Donahue not to panic (she wasn't in a panic to begin with) and he'll be right over. He puts on his overalls, has Rush fetch a screwdriver, a hammer, a monkey wrench and other tools and is about to set out next door when Mis' Donahue calls back to say she pulled the wire out.
Vic, who is forever wanting to fiddle with things of which he knows nothing about (see clocks) would have probably destroyed Mis' Donahue's doorbell or worse.

This might be one of the 10 or so best episodes but the sound is so bad, most people aren't even going to attempt to listen to it. I did what I could but I'm in a stretch of 25 or so really bad sounding episodes.


+ We find out that Mis' Elders (who is over at Mis' Donahue's house) is an hysterical-type person.

+ The Stembottoms are on their way over to play "500."

+ Vic asks Rush to fetch the following tools for the repair job: screwdriver, hammer, monkey wrench and (I think) nose pliers.

+ Vic expresses that fixing the doorbells "might be an all-night job."

+ Sade remembers the time Fred Stembottom's car horn got stuck and "kept tootin'."

+ The show is missing the opening and beginning few seconds.

Download the complete commercial-free, sound-improved episode!

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