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41-xx-xx Icebergs in Illlinois

Sade excitedly tells about a special speaker heard at the Thimble Club, who claimed there were icebergs making their way across the plains of Illinois 40 to 400 years prior.
Sade tells about a lecture on prehistory she heard at the Thimble Club, but a few details may have been lost in translation.

There are two possibilities here:
  1. Sade heard a legitimate speech about the Ice Age and is misremembering some of the details. 
  2. Dr. Seabury* is a crackpot. 
There is certainly precedent that makes scenario #1 possible — Sade was not well educated and, while she is enthusiastic about learning, she lacks essential critical thinking skills. But I think scenario #2 is far more likely. There’s probably a reason the Thimble Club got Dr. Seabury to address them for free. There’s a reason he’s defensive enough about his iceberg theory to speak like a charismatic preacher instead of a professor. And the incident on the train doesn’t do any favors for Dr. Seabury’s reputation either. 

"Sade says dumb stuff" episodes aren’t my favorites because there’s something a little uncomfortable about using someone’s poor education as a joke, but at least Vic and Rush aren’t too mean to her in this one. They seem to have learned that when she’s this excited about something, it’s best to let her speak and not argue with her too much. As far as crackpot pseudoscientists go, Dr. Seabury is fairly harmless, and Sade’s misconceptions about icebergs aren’t hurting anyone.

The audio is pretty bad here, so my transcription’s probably imprecise, and there were some places where I couldn’t understand what was being said at all. As challenging as it was, though, it was nice to finally sit down and transcribe this one since the bad audio makes it hard to listen to it attentively. Dr. Seabury is quite a character.

Here I go, messing with Jimbo’s characters page again! He’s listed as Dr. Seaver, but I swear I hear another little vowel there at the end of his name, so I went with Seabury. The audio quality is so bad, though, it’s tough to tell for sure.
SEE THE SCRIPT (transcribed by Lydia Crowe)
Vic and especially Rush give Sade a hard time about the lecturer.


+ Dr. Seaver is mentioned as the name of the lecturer. The week prior, he had been in Somerset, Kentucky lecturing.

+ This is just half an episode or so, with only 5:00 or so of the play remaining and the sound is pretty rotten.

Download the complete commercial-free, sound-improved episode!

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