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42-08-xx Washrag Collection


Uncle Fletcher brings over a sampling of his landlady Mis' Keller's washrag collection to show Sade. But Sade's over visiting Mis' Donahue, so Uncle Fletcher goes through the very odd collection with Rush.
One of the better episodes with some memorable stories; most all of the ridiculous stories however revolve around washrags rather than people.
art by Dave Duckert


+ Rush is reading from a Third Lieutenant Stanley book but doesn't read any outloud nor does he mention any of the adventures.

+ Uncle Fletcher again confuses Rush with Sade. That's happened at least three times in the series.

+ Uncle Fletcher is going to go over to the courthouse later in the evening. He says Hank Gutstop, Y.I.I.Y. Skeeber and Rishigan Fishigan all hang around the courthouse in the evenings.

To those who don't know, hanging around the courthouse used to be a popular occurrence, especially in the Midwest. Often older gentleman would play checkers, chess or just hang around doing nothing.

+ Uncle Fletcher claims one of the washrags is shammy skin but that it was gotten from a shammy fruit bush!

+ One of the washrags has writing on it that says, "Knitted to the memory of Raymond Belcher Beirman, who expired when an 18 ton railroad bridge fell on him, December 19, 1887."

Neither Mis' Keller nor Uncle Fletcher knew who he was; the washrag was found in a streetcar in Rockford, Illinois years ago.

+ Another of the washrags says "Eastern, Western, Joliette Railroads Please put back on rack."

+ There is a strange washrag with pockets in it.  Five pockets with labels on each telling what they are for: bills, change, keys, tobcco and insurance policies.

The washrag was invented by Caldwell Kline in Buffalo, New Jersey during the Spanish-American War. He could light his cigar by rubbing his feet together.

+ There's a washrag that says, "Property of the Terre Haute, Centralia, Gillespie and Southern Illinois Electric Lines - When through using, kindly return to porter."

+ A reversible washrag that says "George" on one side and "Edna" on the inside. George and Edna Gatsby were from Dixon and later Boston, Connecticut and Little Rock, Oklahoma.

+ A washrag that says, "Property of the Chicago, Downer's Grove, Sycamore and Skulking Indian Diseal Powered Shuttle System - Toss in wicker basket after using."

+ A washrag that turned to stone. {{{HEAR}}}

+ A washrag commemorating the 97th birthday of Albert Broker.

+ A washrag that turned to putty.

+ A washrag made out of heavy material for those living in cold climates and another washrag, this made of light material, for those living in warm climates.

+ A washrag shaped like a hyena.

+ A washrag shaped like a vinegar bottle.

+ Washrag that read, "Property of the Dubuque, Quincey, Davenport and East Moline Railroads - We want this back!"

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